About Us

Our Mission Statement

The North Dakota Retriever Club (NDRC) is dedicated to the betterment of the hunting retriever and educating hunters in the training and use of purebred hunting retrievers as a tool of conservation and as all around hunting companions.

NDRC also believes in the trialing and testing of retrievers in order to maintain a proven genetic pool of hunting retrievers. AKC Field Trials and Hunt Tests are preserving the working instincts of our retrievers for future generations of hunters. NDRC also promotes the use of available health clearances (OFA and CERF) and test to ensure our future retrievers are healthy and free from genetic defects (EIC and CNM).

Strategic Planning: Looking to the Future

NDRC members regularly develop a long- and short-term set of goals to guide the club activities and initiatives. The 2022 planning session results will be posted soon.

Training Facility

Our Club Grounds


acres of training grounds available to members


separate grounds with various training terrain

Our training grounds near Glyndon, MN provide an informal and relaxed place for hunters and retriever owners to meet each other and better their retrievers. Our club also brings retriever enthusiasts together through club meetings, newsletters, scheduled training days and seminars.

Map of the two ground sites

Our History

As with many retriever clubs in the Upper Midwest, the North Dakota Retriever Club has a rich history. During the 1930’s, a number of retriever owners, mostly from the Fargo area, began to meet and train their dogs West of Casselton, ND. As the years passed, the group grew and became more interested in the competitive aspects of retriever training and trialing. A club was formed and in the mid 1940’s, these trainers began to rent and lease land between Dilworth and Glyndon, MN. This location offered land and water training opportunities much closer to home. Also, at this time, the club crowned its first Field Champion, FC Royal Peter Golden Boy, a Nationally known Golden Retriever owned by Cliff Overvold of Fargo, ND.

In 1967, the North Dakota Retriever Club was incorporated in North Dakota and purchased an additional 45 acres of land North of Glyndon, MN. The grounds are a few miles north of the main club grounds. Throughout its history, NDRC has maintained its mission of providing opportunities and incentives for members to pursue retriever training.

Today the North Dakota Retriever Club consists of roughly 70 renewing memberships annually, with many being extremely active and can frequently be seen on the grounds in small training groups throughout the day. Historically, NDRC has been known more for its AKC Hunt Test competitors than Field Trial participants, however in recent years the club has again crowned members dogs with Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion titles. We’re proud to be a place where all retriever enthusiasts can feel welcome.

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